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Pop Vinyl Collectible Soft Collapsible Protector Box

Pop Vinyl Collectible Soft Collapsible Protector Box

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Pop Vinyl Collectible Soft Collapsible Protector Box 

  • Crystal-clear plastic for figurine visibility.
  • Heavy-duty (0.45 mm thick) archival-grade boxes.
  • Stackable to maximize surface space.
  • Acid free to ensure long-term archival storage.
  • Fits most standard-sized pop-ular vinyl collectibles.

Keep your valuable collectibles protected with 3 3/4-Inch Vinyl Collectible Collapsible Protector Box  Pack! Use the top flap opening to easily insert your collectible while keeping the item in its original packaging. The ultra-clear, acid-free plastic lets you see your figurine when on display. Each box measures approximately 6.325-inches tall x 4.5-inches wide x 3.5-inches long x 0.45 mm thick. Fits most standard-sized 3 3/4-inch Funko Pop! Vinyl collectibles.

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