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Gifting Made Easy - Gifting Tips 

Gift giving tips

Gifts are necessary acts to show you care and are an integral part of celebrating an event or special day. Gifts can symbolise love, affection, forgiveness or simple kindness. 

Gift-giving is determined as a natural social behavior in humans. It helps strengthen and boost relationships with each other. Giving things that others want to have is a simple way to let others know that you care about them. 

Why do we give gifts?

Research shows that the act of giving gifts helps us achieve two goals. The first is to make the recipient happy. The second is to strengthen the relationship between the giver and the recipient.

Can we just give cash?

One might think that it would be easier to hand out cash as the recipient can buy exactly what they most desire. But cash is considered unthoughtful because it requires no effort and seems to put a dollar value on the relationship.

A better alternative to cash is a gift card as it requires some effort and allows some thoughtfulness in which gift card to purchase. Gift cards also support the local business and helps small businesses especially during these Covid-19 pandemic.

How much does the thought of gift-giving should cost? 

Gift givers often tend to assume that more expensive gifts will be acknowledged as being more thoughtful; however, research shows it turns out gift recipients appreciate expensive and inexpensive gifts similarly (citation link here).  A psychological study found out that, gift recipients actually feel closer to those who give convenient gifts (citation link here).


We are here to help you!

Now, shopping for a gift might seem overwhelming and time consuming to take on by yourself. It may seem to be not an easy job.

That’s why we are here to take care of gifting for you. The fact that you can bring joy, bring thoughtfulness, and make someone closer to you, has always encouraged us here at Maple and Mangoes! 


It’s easy as 1, 2, 3!

Gifting Made Easy

Step 1: Visit www.mapleandmangoes.ca

Choose an item on based on our recipient list:

  • For the Family
  • For Dad / Him
  • For Mom / Her
  • For Kids

 We have many simple, yet exciting gift items that your gift recipient will surely love!


Step 2: Check the gift wrap option on checkout

         For a small fee, we will gift wrap the items in your order. You may also include a short thoughtful message that will be printed on a free greeting card that will be included in your gift wrap option.


Step 3: Have it delivered or shipped

         Choose free local delivery within Calgary for order more than $50 with guaranteed delivery within 3 days. If you live close to us in Chaparral SE, pick-up is also a convenient option, no minimum order required. Shipping is also free anywhere in Canada for orders over $99, while a flat rate of $14.98 for orders below $99. For shipping to the US and other countries, we have discounted rates with our courier calculated on checkout.


Then you are all done! Gifting made easy!