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About Us

Maple and Mangoes Office
Our small fulfillment home office

We are an online store called Maple and Mangoes 🍁 🥭 based in Calgary, showcasing toys and gift products at an affordable price compared to big box stores. The gift buying and giving experience must be easy and we have you, our customer, in our mind. As a small business with an online only presence, we are able to lower down our costs from avoiding storefront leases and from sourcing a variety of lowest priced wholesalers and brand-name manufacturers.  As a young family with small kids, we love and enjoy what we offer and always get excited with the products we sell.

Maple and Mangoes
Organized products for fulfillment

Unlike big box stores, we are a thriving online store based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. 🇨🇦 All the products you see on this website are in stock, fulfilled and shipped from Calgary. We grow our products list based on what we think you will need or enjoy. We negotiate with suppliers, keep our costs low and pass our savings on to you.

From branded kids and collectible toys, fun socks that bring smiles, handmade inspirational notepads, beautiful modern home decor, nostalgic retro video game consoles and other electronics to promote family bonding and excitement, we got lots to offer to you that surely you and your family will love! ❤️

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Feel free to reach out to us at contactus@mapleandmangoes.ca, via FB chat or via our contact form if you have something you wish to see in our product list, or if you just want to say hello.

Wondering why we still have a BC number 604-3674598? We moved from BC and made Calgary our home 3 years ago. We do not want to change our number anymore as it is already known for Maple and Mangoes. So don't be surprised! Cool story. 👍


What's with the name? Maple and Mangoes - Proudly Canadian - We offer sweet deals that you and your family will love!

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