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Looking for Great Family Summer Activities this 2020?

Summer may be different in 2020. It may not be the summer we had hoped or planned for, but it does not mean it will be boring.

For us at Maple and Mangoes, more time spent with family was a gift from the pandemic, if this is how we would look at it. Of course, we will always keep in mind the people and families that were greatly affected by Covid-19. When we look at the situation on a positive note, being coped up inside our homes during March, April and June brought our family closer and nourished our family dynamics and relationship.

This July and August 2020, summer can still be enjoyed much with our family, close cohorts and people we dearly know. We are blessed to have beautiful parks, mountains and lakes close to our backyards here in Canada that we can just quickly pack up for the weekend long drive and enjoy the sights. Summer in Canada is so beautiful and it can be enjoyed with family by camping, biking, a boat ride, hiking or by just a simple picnic.

Here are some of our suggestions for family summer activities in 2020:

Take a long drive to the mountains.

We live in Calgary, and the Rockies are just an hour away from us. However, keeping kids entertained during the trip can be daunting, and these Magnetic Tablet Holder for Car Headrest helps ease the stress. They hold the Ipad well even during on those bumpy rides!

These travel toys keep our kids busy. This construction set is lightweight and stored in a tin can which can be carried around in my kids' bag. We also have this Tangram set which is also in a tin can which kept my kids busy thinking of forming different shapes.

Make sure to be eco-friendly as well when traveling or camping, by bringing your own reusable spoons and forks which are stored in a perfect case. They are available in clear white or pink cases.

Play video games at home.

Classic family computer games that spark your childhood memories can be enjoyed with your family. Gather your friends and family in the living room to have tons of fun.

Make homemade pizza.

Nothing beats a fresh-out-of-the-oven pizza, and once you see how easy and fun it is to make for yourself and your family, you'll never order delivery again. Make it an afternoon activity so by dinner time, everyone will get excited as they get to taste their own choice of pizza toppings and flavor. This pizza making tool set can definitely make your pizza making skills look like a pro.

Enjoy making cute mini pancakes with family in the morning.

This would be a great family bonding activity, especially with kids that are picky eaters. This cute animals mini pancake non-stick pan would bring some smiles and giggles in the mornings with your kids and family.

Read books together.

Enjoy snuggling in bed and reading before bedtime with kids or with your loved ones. This USB rechargeable LED bookmark light is a great tool to encourage reading more books even when the lights are out. This is also perfect tool to use to read more books on a camping trip when there is no wifi. Hooray for lesser screen time.

Remember that time spent with family is worth every second. Enjoy summer 2020!