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Making the Year 2020 Holiday Season The Best One For The Family

The year 2020 will forever be in the books and we are glad to be witnesses to this extraordinary year as it unfolded. Living in these pandemic times is a reality we all have to face and it is up to our own mindset on how to turn this unfortunate event to a positive experience we will always look back once we live our normal lives again. 

The new government restrictions has forced all of us to stay at home celebrating Christmas and the New Year with only the ones in our household. But who says we cannot have family fun in the four corners of our house for the holidays? We have thought of these bright holiday celebration ideas you can try.


1. Have a Christmas pancake feast with our Cute Animals Pancake Pan

Bring some smiles and giggles in the Christmas morning with your kids and family. Start your holiday morning with a tummy filled with joy and a living room full of unwrapped Christmas gifts. 

Fun Pancake Breakfast








2. Get busy in the kitchen making some holiday cookies for Santa

Let all the family members be involved in this fun activity, wear some matching family aprons, and document the moment with lovely family poses.


Family Matching Aprons


3. Make Christmas masks

Spread some holiday cheer with these red face masks and some markers!







4. Put together a puzzle

Doing a puzzle is a relaxing way to spend Christmas day or night. Try a Tangram puzzle or build blocks together. While you work together as a family, be sure to set the mood with fun stories and laughter.

 Playing puzzles

5. Read a Christmas book while cuddling underneath the sheets

Reading a book together while getting cozy in the bed is nice way to spend the Christmas night. Let the kids pick out a book and read it to them while eating some holiday snacks. Use this awesome rechargeable LED booklight to make reading comfortable in the evening.