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Top Toys and Collectibles Predictions for 2022

Top Toys for 2022

Predicting the next top toys and collectibles for 2022 can be thrilling and exciting. In order to know the next big thing, one needs to watch out for insight into trends and upcoming popular products. The toy industry moves very quickly and is trend driven. During the year, there will be tons of new products being released regularly. It is worth to pay attention to upcoming movie releases, trending television series and popular video games to keep up with the latest trends.

With that being said, here are some upcoming movies and trends we would love to share to you:


It was recently announced that a new 2022 movie Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is coming up! Once called the most popular manga series of all time, many fans will rave over the promises plenty of action on this new Dragon Ball movie! From the trailer, it appears to center on characters like Gohan and Piccolo. That is a change of pace from the usual battles spearheaded by Goku and Vegeta. The movie is set to premier on April 22, 2022 in Japan. Watch the new movie trailer here:



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A new Buzz Lightyear movie also is coming to theaters the summer of 2022. This sci-fi action-adventure Lightyear presents the definitive origin story of Buzz Lightyear—the hero who inspired the toy—introducing the legendary Space Ranger who would win generations of fans. Watch the trailer here: 

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Importance of Preorders


When popular products are first released, they will move fastest and usually be sold out as soon as possible. Before you scour big box stores like Walmart, EB Games, Mastermind Toys and get frustrated with empty shelves, waste gas and go home empty handed, why not pre-order them to give you the greatest chance of receiving a product at its initial launch. Placing pre-orders for products as soon as they become available at Maple and Mangoes will give you the greatest chance of receiving a product at its initial launch. Products that command the highest demand will always be the hardest to find, so planning to order these type of products as soon as pre-orders are available will help you secure high-demand items at times when they are not readily available at most major retailers.


Maple and Mangoes is here to keep you informed and happy. Check out our hot new pre-order items here.