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Holiday Shipping Updates 2023

Find our holiday shipping deadlines so you can set your holiday cut-offs and purchase-by dates. 

Our recommended Purchase-By Deadlines key dates for your order to reach before Christmas Day 2023:



Dec 19, 2023


Dec 19, 2023


Dec 19, 2023


Dec 12, 2023


Dec 11, 2023


Dec 6, 2023


Dec 13, 2023


Dec 6, 2023


Dec 15, 2023


Dec 12, 2023


Dec 14, 2023


Dec 19, 2023


Dec 18, 2023


Come back to this page to see estimated holiday shipping deadlines weekly! 

Within Calgary

Guaranteed local delivery between 1-3 business days! (for purely in-stock orders only)


Standard shipping delivery times (in business days) for Shipped Packages via Canada Post, UPS, Canpar or Purolator.

These are the standard shipping delivery times for your selected destinations.

Orders with purely in-stock items will ship within 1-2 business days.

We are located in Calgary (T2X3W4). If your order is shipped on:

 Tuesday (Dec 19, 2023)


Your order will be estimated to arrive on:


Expedited Shipping will arrive Dec 22, 2023 (3 business days)


British Columbia:

Expedited Shipping will arrive Dec 22, 2023 (3 business days)



Expedited Shipping will arrive Dec 22, 2023 (3 business days)


New Brunswick:

Expedited Shipping will arrive Jan 2, 2024  (8 business days)


Newfoundland and Labrador:

Expedited Shipping will arrive Jan 3, 2024  (9 business days)


Northwest Territories:

Expedited Shipping will arrive Jan 5, 2024 (13 business days)


Nova Scotia:

Expedited Shipping will arrive Dec 29, 2023 (7 business days)




Expedited Shipping will arrive January 9, 2024 (13 business days)



Expedited Shipping will arrive Dec 26, 2023 (5 business days)


Prince Edward Island:

Expedited Shipping will arrive Jan 2, 2024 (8 business days)



Expedited Shipping will arrive Dec 28, 2023 (6 business days)



Expedited Shipping will arrive Dec 22, 2023 (3 business days)



Expedited Shipping will arrive Dec 26, 2023 (4 business days)



- Based on CanadaPost delivery times. Estimated and Subject to Change due to unforeseen events.

To make sure they arrive before the holidays, only order IN-STOCK items, as pre-order estimated arrival dates are not guaranteed. Feel free to email us for a more personal approach to shipping at contactus@mapleandmangoes.ca

 If your order includes pre-order items, we will put your order on courtesy hold until we receive all the items from the manufacturer and ship your order as soon as possible. Please take note of the expected date of arrival on the product page. This is the estimated arrival date that is given to us by the supplier and is subject to change without notice. You can always request to immediately ship the in-stock items ahead of the pre-order items, but this will be subject to separate shipping flat rate fee of $19.98.**


🎄Happy Holidays!!! from the Maple and Mangoes team🍁🥭

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